Have you ever wondered why the shoe wrack in the women’s section has more pink and blue shoes? For some reason, women have always been associated with light colors, be it for clothing, accessories, footwear or something as simple as a board put up above the washroom entrance in the nearby club. Over the years, our society has imposed this need in women to remain feminine in all aspects of their life. The subtle colors in the women’s shopping" section of a mall reflect the societal requirement for a woman to be sensitive and soft.

This woman’s day, we’ll help you break that norm. We’re gonna pick clothing, footwear and accessories which are bold, adding confidence to your daily looks!
1. Salwars, no more subtle and shy.
Kurtas and Salwars are considered as traditional outfits. They are assumed to bring out the feminine lady in you who is shy and well mannered. Let’s rewrite that, shall we? Experimenting with colors and patterns in this outfit is one major way of doing that.
Let’s give a twist to your wardrobe. Ditch your usual safe picks and go for dark maroon, tangy orange, chocolate brown, olive green salwars from our store.
2. Delicate accessories can take a back seat
It’s so important to accessorize a look. Picking the right accessory is also a challenge. One wrong accessory and the whole look could go wrong. Here we are a few stunning pieces of rings and earrings for you.
Go bold, dainty pendants and rings can take a back seat this season. You can sport these splendid statement rings and earrings with your day to day outfits.
3. Say bye to pink, say hi to class.
Good footwear completes a look. So this woman’s day, forget the pinks and blues, we’ve got some brown and black shoes that’ll capture your heart. These shoes paired with casual tees and blue jeans will definitely look bold and chic.

Fashionfore wishes a happy Women’s day to all of you gorgeous woman out there! Don’t ever be afraid to dress up bold and stylish.