It’s that time of the year again. Every nook and corner of the city is going to get wrapped up in the color red, the color of love, romance and everything good. Life might be fast and tough, but this one day everybody sets aside all the other priorities and pampers their significant other like there’s no tomorrow.

In this month of February, a lot of questions keep constantly running in the head of those who’re in a relationship and they’re for obvious reasons not related to Bangalore traffic, daily hustle or the mechanical routine everybody has fallen prey to. What do I wear on valentine’s day, what do I gift my girlfriend or boyfriend, How do I make this day special for them and a hundreds of similar ones keep haunting your everyday thoughts.

We’re here to solve one daunting task of yours! What to wear on this special day of the year. This is one task all the fashion conscious people out there deal with, but on Valentine’s Day the gravity of the task is much more than one can fathom.

The idea of a perfect date differs from person to person. There’re countless date ideas, coffee dates, long drives, movie nights and many more. Here we have put together outfits for your valentine day dates.
1. Long Drives

If you’re someone who loves to go on long drives and are planning to go on one on the most romantic day of the year, here’s the perfect look for you! You’ll look flirty and fun in this comfy dress paired with these chic flats. Carry this vibrant wallet and wear these pink studs to finish the look. Voila, you’re ready to go!
2. A classy coffee date
A lot of couples enjoy comfortable silences and good conversations at a café far from the crowded streets of the city. Does it sound like we just described your ideal date? Then go ahead and check this look out!

Black has a magic of its own. Look drop dead gorgeous in this beautifully classy short black dress. These pearl studded hoops and leopard print block heels will be like an icing on the cake. A chic black clutch and we’ve the classy coffee date look ready!
3. Candle Light Dinner

Even though often regarded as cliché, a single candle light dinner is enough for your partner to sweep you off your feet. Imagine sitting in a vintage shack in the beach shore wearing this mesmerizing maroon lace off shoulder top paired with the sexy pencil skirt hugging your curves just at the right places. This black heels and silver danglers will round up the entire look. Didn’t you get goose bumps? We sure did. This is the look of your dreams, girl!
4. Netflix and Chill at home
Not everybody likes hanging out at fancy places on valentines. Some couples prefer keeping it low key. We see you and here’s the look we’ve for your calm and cozy Netflix night!

Don’t like dressing up? Don’t. Don’t like stepping out in the crowd? Don’t. You do you! Don’t give into the pressure to celebrate this beautiful day in a specific manner. Put on this comfy sleepwear and pull that cozy blanket over yourself while watching Netflix with some popcorn on the side. These crystal bracelets will add that extra oomph to the entire look. Finally, sport these black flats and you’re all set for your kind of date!
5. Stylish movie night

Did you know that the theatres are open after what felt like a decade? If you’re a movie buff, what’s better than going on a movie marathon on Valentine’s Day!

While you hop around malls picking the movies to watch, you can sport this strappy top paired with this a fun flair skirt. These pencil heels will add a tinge of sophistication to the look. Put on these gold plated earrings and get your hands on this simple gold clutch.