Measure and create self-sewing pattern for Men

Need to realize the key to completely fitting garments? Simple – it’s Measurements! Measurements will help you decide your example size when sewing, fitting, and adorning your own garments.
This blog will help you taking measurements for men and find the perfect sizes to making men's clothing or to buy shirt or suit at right size.
Before you measure anything:
The essential things to measure yourself accurately
  • Measuring tape (preferably a flexible measuring tape)
  • Full length mirror/ A partner to measure and mark the points
  • Pen
  • Paper
  • String (Optional)
Take off any massive attire (bulky clothing), for accurate measurements. Suggest wearing a shirt or a t-shirt with empty pockets and keep the tape measure horizontal, perfectly parallel to the floor. when measuring the circumferences
Standing in front of a full-length mirror, make sure to loosen up your body. Hold the estimating tape against your body not very close and inhale typically!

1. Chest
Measure the circumference around your chest, with the tape to a lower place your armpits, in line together with your nipples. confirm to carry the tape horizontally. Relax your arms at your sides and breathe ordinarily to get a accurate chest measurement
2. Neck
Do not pull the measuring device too tightly. Measure the circumference around your neck, with the tape slightly to a lower place Adam’s apple. Stand relaxed, don’t stretch your neck and draw your chin.
3. Bicep
Relax your arms at your side and wrap the measuring device(tape) round the largest purpose of each of your muscle in both sides and take the biggest value of the two.
4. Wrist

Wrap the measuring tape around the wrist in both hands slightly below the bone and mark the biggest value of the two.
5. Stomach

Wrap the measuring tape around the wrist in both hands slightly below the bone and mark the biggest value of the two.
6. Hip

Wrap the measuring device around your hips, at the widest purpose of your buttocks, slightly higher than the crotch line keep the measuring device horizontally.
Other Measurements:

1. Shoulder breadth
Measure your shoulder breadth from the surface fringe of the left shoulder to the correct shoulder i.e where the sleeve of the shirt starts. The tape must not to firm but be held to flow in a natural curve of the back touching the distinguished bone below your neck.
2. Arm length

Relax your arms and measure them 2 sessions:

1. From the surface fringe to the elbow

2. From the elbow to the wrist
3. Back length

Lower your head, measure from the bone below your neck to the rear of the crotch/ use a jacket and measure the centre back seam without the collar.
4. Waistline

Measure four fingers down the belly button (Do not hold your breath). Keep the measuring tape horizontally and do not let your pants disturb the measure.
5. Inside leg
Start mensuration from the very best centre purpose of your thigh, at the crotch. Stand together with bare foot with legs slightly wide apart. Measure from the very centre of the thigh just below the crotch line to the ground, following the form of the within leg. Pull the tape simply taut enough.
6. Thigh
Keep the mensuration tape horizontally. Wrap the measuring tape around your thigh slightly below your crotch and mark the biggest price of the 2.

This information is just to add of your final fit
  • Shoulder: high, regular, low
  • Stomach: flat, protruding, regular
  • Chest: chiselled, robust, regular
  • Back: Straight, regular, curved
  • Rear: flat, regular, curved
  • Fit: Regular, slim, comfort