Imagine a wedding without a bride. Doesn’t make sense, right? Similarly Holi without colors also makes absolutely zero sense. The festival of Holi has always been about colors!

Splashing water balloons and smashing colors on whoever comes your way, Holi is the occasion that brings about tons of joy and sorrow, all at once. (Why sorrow? Remember struggling to get the color off your hair last year after all the fun?)

Every Indian festival calls for shopping and Holi is no different. Let’s play a little Holi here, shall we? We’re gonna pick vibrant colored salwars, dresses and much more for you to wear this Holi! Let’s make this Holi memorable with memorable colors of clothing.
1. Not just any pink, go for dusty pink.
Pink as a color has been widely commercialized by movies and advertisements alike. We’re all familiar with the mean girl movie reference which goes like this, “On Wednesday’s we wear pink!”

This festive season, we bring to you a chic dress in the shade, dusty pink. This dress speaks class in 50 different languages, don’t you think? The unique shade of pink adds to the charm of the outfit.
2. Red, an Indian’s forever love.
We Indians have a special place in our heart for the color red. From putting red marks on our foreheads on auspicious occasions to giving away our daughters in bright red lehengas at their wedding, the color has dominated our day to day lives since forever. Is it even possible to celebrate Holi without a pop of red in your outfit?

Here we have a pretty solid red kurta set with a prettier digital printed dupatta. The shade of blue and a yellow in the dupatta elegantly breaks the monotony of the solid red kurta set, making it the perfect pick for the festival of colors.
3. A powdered blue to beat all the other shades of blue

From the first day of the week, the magnificent sky right above us, the ocean below our feet, the water bottle kept on your bedside table to that favourite pen you lost in the 5th grade, different shades of blue has constantly been present around us in one form or the other.

Here’s another shade of the universal color, powdered blue in a Khadi print kurta set. This kurta is simple yet manages to stand out due to its unique color. The pure cotton outfit is easy to breathe in and will keep you comfortable in the summer heat.
4. What’s livelier than the color green?
Remember the time your mom stared you into eating that leafy vegetable at the dinner table growing up? Green has not been our favourite color when it comes to the dining table since then. But the color has its own warmth. Green often represents life in its purest form.

Holi would be incomplete without a dash of green. This buttoned up kurta set in a light shade of green would look mesmerizing on you!
5. White, the one color that holds all the others.
The color white seems simple, but the placement of the color is what brings out its power. A white flag is enough to declare peace in a warzone, white space properly utilized does wonders to one’s creative work, white walls and white curtains in a hall creates an aesthetic space.

On the occasion of Holi, we adorn a white dress as a symbol of togetherness and it is the white outfit that brings about the beauty of the other colors we smear on each other. Adding the final touch to the outfit collection for Holi, we’ve the modest and elegant white anarkali kurta. The golden checks on the kurta add to the beauty of the piece.