Fashion Trend Report 2020
The content in this blog caters to women of any shape, be it apple, pear, hourglass of any sizes which includes the Plus Size also. Learn the basic on how to measure yourself to create patterns and start designing you own articles.
For 2020-21 expect to reup your wrap dress collection. These classic, universally adored pieces are trending this year. Wrap dresses and tops complement curves and succeed across a wide variety of prints, textures, and lengths. Wrap dresses fit the bill, in every season. Long and tiered dresses - an expression of romanticism and femininity - will remain a huge trend for 2020-21, for all seasons.
Another key Fashion trend for 2020 is vacation inspired dressing, tropical prints and vibrant summer hues are a key focus for retail with neon pops and tie dye print techniques also adding a sense of excitement for the upcoming season. This ultra-bright look also can be seen in super feminine shapes with the addition of tailored ruffles and an elongated shape paired back with utilitarian footwear and accessories for an added modern look and feel.
Neon Bright’s are paving the way into 2020-21. Neon greens, pinks and purples were all the rage across the runways this season. Add this trend as a purse, hat or shoes if neon is too overwhelming for you. Pastels are still a big trend. Consider Pastels as the new neutral for 2020-21. Embrace blues and purples.
Leopard may come and go, but there are so many fun animal prints trending for 2020. It can be worn as a stand alone clothing style but is most often worn in combination with other clothes fabrics and designs. It is beautiful and suggests a woman is extremely confident of who she is and her sensuality. And, best of all, when worn confidently and in the right way, this style of clothing looks good on women of absolutely any age.Find one that best fits your personality. It is bold. It oozes confidence.
Another trend that is going to continue into the next year is classical styling combined with feminine details. We will be seeing puffed sleeves and bows combined with simple pieces. Fringe and feathers are going to be another trend going into the next couple of years. Fringe can be found on clothing, shoes, and accessories. Feathers can be found on accessories and handbags.
The athleisure trend has no end in sight. Although this trend has been growing over the last five years, people are looking for new ways to wear gym clothes outside the gym.
Techwear is the newest Fashion Trend still waiting to hit mainstream audiences. Techwear is clothing that is meant to stand against the elements and make life easier. So, expect clothing to have more functionality, such as waterproof tops, lightweight windbreaker jackets and accessories like harnesses, reflective vests and hip belts.