COVID-19 Challenges and Opportunities in E-Commerce

“Social distancing is the new normal with hygiene consciousness”

COVID-19 has been spreading to over 190 countriesand now it’s time to have a look on COVID-19 and its impact on aspects of the E-Commerce business. The COVID-19 impacted the E-Commerce in such a way that it has changed the purchasing behavioursof every individuals desperately based on demand and money.

Every negative situation (for example COVID-19) will always lead to a new positive development. Its one’s responsibility one can choose and take the necessary steps to face the crisis and for the future betterment.

In this blog lets learn a little more about the pros and cons and impacts of COVID-19 on the e-commerce sector.

E-commerce businesses’ challenges amid COVID-19:

Disruptions in Supply Chain Many of the business have outsourced suppliers, from China which is the biggest manufacturer of the world. Due to the COVID-19 and China being the origin of the virus that manufacturing capacity of China has dropped by 30%and more with many factories closedwhich lead to the stock reduction in the inventory. At the present China was able to contain the rapid spread and manufacturing have been back into action.

Fortunately, within few months, the supply of stocks can be recovered.

Safety of Employee and consumer:

““Protecting Human Resources is Protecting Business”

Every employee’s safety is always the top priority of all. Many e-commerce businesses however, there are workers under inventory department, delivery workersare exposing themselves to the virus threat just to sever the customers during the crisis.

Consumer purchase demand caused stock fluctuation in stock:

Buyers/Customers feared of the supply shortage for the necessities, and other products in response to “stay-at-home” customers stated to flock all over to both online and offline stores to buy foods. Consumers stared to add multiple items to their cart at different stores or even place orders but then cancel them which lead to the uncertain stock demand, that was one of the reason for the stock fluctuation and also at times it went out of control. This purchasing behaviour of customers makes it tough for e-commerce stores to manage the inventory during this time.

Customers financial crises all over the world there are more and more jobless people who couldn’t afford event the accommodation rent. Consumers are desperately confused and wary on what to buy during the crisis. During the lockdowns, the high-demand products are food, healthcare, household maintenance products, etc.

What to do for better future:

COVID-19 impact on the E-Commerce will have an impact on how the consumers will shop in the future, would result where the customers may shift from traditional shopping methods to digital shopping. Listed down are some of the points that can be enhanced in every E-Commerce for the growth of organization.

  • “Search” process based on the product to be fast forwarded.
  • Display the stock availability status immediately
  • Find alternative suppliers will always maintain the trust on your E-Commerce Site
  • Expand the product options available in your E-Commerce based on the demand
  • SEO to be improved (1st result in the search page
  • Better product filtering based on the user consumption
  • Easy navigation from searching the product till the checkout process right away
Covid-19 has already brought the biggest difference not just in everyday life on an individual but also the lives of everyone across the world and in the way we shop. We might need to factorise the entities of the E-Commerce, buying patterns of the consumers and social distancing along with hygiene.